The Chocolate Bar That Became A Doughnut

14 Apr
Donut, chocolate glazed

Donut, chocolate glazed (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I’m no doughnut diva, and I’ll be the first to admit it. Those puffy (or cakey) rings of righteous goodness are all the rage, but my digestion won’t go there.


However, the better half loves them. So once a week, he gets his fix, courtesy of the local mom-and-pop-and daughter shop. They do great work, but I wondered: could a great chocolate bar mate with perfect (at least by local standards) doughnuts, and produce something interesting?


I approached the shop owners and offered to buy them a few bars to melt down and use as topping. My choice: Madécasse 44% with Arabica Coffee Nibs. Chocolate, coffee and a doughnut; I thought it could work, and the owners were game. Two weeks later, I saw the final creation: a chocolate cake doughnut, with a nice, shiny glaze of Madécasse. OK, make that chocolate, chocolate, coffee and doughnut. The result was not bad; the coffee flavor was not intense enough, but all that chocolate actually balanced quite well. I’d certainly invest in a few bars of something else with another flavoring (an intense berry, or perhaps a higher percentage cacao) and try again. After all, if it’s truly awful, I don’t get to eat them.


As for this bar and another from the same company:


  • The Madécasse Arabica bar on its own does have a distinct salty opening note, followed by chocolate and then the slight crunch of the coffee nibs. It’s a fun bar with a lot going on, including good shine and nice snap.
  • Madécasse 70% Cacao has more of the berry bang right off the bat. Very fruity, shiny and good snap, this is a bar that might be better suited for the doughnuts, due to the stronger flavor and higher cacao content.





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